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EarlySalary CarES for daily wagers

As India is grappling with the rise of Covid-19 cases, to stay safe from the pandemic, social distancing measures have forced people to remain indoors. In such times the worst affected are the daily wage labourers. The lockdown has caused lakhs of daily wagers a loss of their daily income, in turn a struggle for bare necessities and nutrition.

EarlySalary would love your support in joining hands to combat their misery and have associated with GiveIndia to provide crucially needed dry ration to families of daily wagers, through NGO partner - CRY.

Every Rupee makes a difference and Yes! You have the power to make a difference.

We are in this together. For every ₹100 donated by you EarlySalary will add an additional 50% (up to ₹100) and pass it on to CRY Foundation.

Give so that the daily wagers live.


GiveIndia receives beneficiary profile and needs from trusted nonprofit partners and networks

GiveIndia also directly verifies the validity of the beneficiary’s monetary need (including checking Aadhar and Ration card details)

Funds are disbursed through our trusted nonprofit partners who will adhere to GiveIndia’s due-diligence framework

GiveIndia will also conduct a verification visit, when feasible given the current conditions


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500 families still need support

The only way to stop the spread of the virus is to prevent it. Let’s come together and help India fight Coronavirus.

500 families still need support

How you can help

You can be a part of the solution to provide a safety-net for the thousands of poor labourers who have lost their jobs due to Coronavirus

₹ 7,000

Helps 1 family in a tier 1 city for a month

₹ 5,000

Helps 1 family in a tier 2 city for a month

Cash in their hands helps to

Pay basic essentials

Buy basic rations to feed their families

Survive sudden loss of income due to COVID-19

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